Saturday, February 4, 2012

A great new indepdent bookstore!

Typically, in past years, on the Saturday of my SoCal tour, I’ve signed in The Mystery Bookstore, which is gone now, but I’m sure that none of the many authors who’ve signed there over the many years it was in business can have forgotten it. It’s such a sad loss when a great independent store passes on, and this one was exceptional. Westwood really cannot be the same without it.

But while it is such gloomy news when we hear about the loss of a great indie, it’s just as exciting to mark the birth of a new one. Instead of The Mystery Bookstore, today, I got to sign at the all-new Mysterious Galaxy in Redondo Beach. It’s not just a exceptionally well-stocked store, it’s also a beautiful one. High tech, too. Especially cool is high def TV in the dedicated author appearance area, on which the appearing authors’ book covers scross in vibrant cover.

I appeared today with authors Howard Gordon and Brett Battles. We drew a large crowd, who asked great questions, making our panel extra lively and interesting. We all enjoyed strong book sales. My assistant/dog supported me by hovering under the signing table. 

I am so glad I got to see this glorious new indie store! It was actually worth another up and back trek on the 405 to do it. (Okay, maybe I’m getting a little too obsessed with that.)


  1. Great news! Thanks for sharing. I hope to be there myself one day. Maybe you'll venture the 405 again and we can do a mystery chat together :)

  2. Too much road time, Ms. Kris, but glad you had a good time at your MGRB event!